Below are some of the products I love and highly recommend.

The Red Wing Iron Ranger

Possibly the most popular boot in the “rugged style” world, the Iron Ranger has earned its popularity with solid build quality and a design which balances a tough look and slim silhouette (in the world of work boots).




Victorinox Cadet

This is my favorite EDC blade of all time. Sure, you can find bigger knives or multitools with more functionality but this combines everything you need for typical daily tasks in an unbelievably light and slim frame. Plus it’s affordable enough that you won’t cry if it breaks or gets lost.



Taylor Stitch Cone Mills Jeans

The Cone Mills White Oak factory shut down but luckily some of the stock is still out there. Taylor Stitch has done a great job with their Democratic jean using this legendary fabric. I love the details like the pocket bags and crazy thick leather patch, plus they’re quite affordable for jeans of this type.

Taylor Stitch: